Hair repair routine

Hello guys sorry for the long wait again! In this post I want to show you all the products I’ve been using on my hair recently, hope you enjoy! 

So in just over a week I’m getting on a plane and hoping of to Tenerife for two weeks for a bit of much needed sunshine, which is obviously not the kindest thing for your hair along with getting in and out of a pool all day. So whilst I was trying on some holiday clothes a few weeks ago I looked at my hair and thought hmm maybe it’s time to get you in condition for holiday’ so I decided to use some products that I hoped would help and so far so good!

First I decided before I use products on you I need to give you a good trim to get rid of all those pesky split ends. Once I had done that myself which I was pretty impressed with I decided that washing my hair everyday was the most stupid thing to do, which made me use my trusty dry shampoo a lot more often, now I can go up to three days without washing my hair, you have to love dry shampoo especially this ‘Blush’ one which they describe as ‘Floral and Flirty’ I love it so much and I have brought two more just to take on holiday with me!Image 

Then I realised I style my hair with heat to often as I curl my hair and blow dry it nearly everyday and everybody knows how unhealthy that is. Which lead me to sea salt spray, this particular sea salt spray I happened to come across whilst I was at my local asda down the cosmetics aisle. The NSPA range really caught my eye and the sea salt spry jumped out at me and at just £3.99 Ii couldn’t possibly say no! This claims to ‘Create beautiful beachy waves’ and yes it does that perfectly and I think I’m in love with this stuff! I just really wish my asda had a larger range of NSPA products because I’m so intrigued to try more of their products but with such little range in asda its impossible! Image

Now these are my last two products that are absolutely essential to me! I got them for dirt cheap which is obviously a really good thing and they’re actually amazing! My two argan oil products one which is just a hair treatment and one which is a leave in heat defence spray. Seriously I could not live without these anymore they are so incredibly amazing and smell divine! They have worked wonder for my hair I think I’d be lost without them! The spray smells so good that somtimes I just spray it on my hair when I’m not even using heat on it! Just spray it all over wet hair or even dry hair like me as it makes no difference it doesn’t look greasy or oily at all. Just with the actual argan oil only apply to wet hair and only apply a small amount to the ends of your hair otherwise your hair will just look greasy. ImageImage

Now this isn’t a product just a tip. Instead of using a towel on your wet hair use an old t-shirt, I know it may sound silly but the texture of towels is really rough on your hair which can cause it to break easily whereas the t-shirt doesn’t have a harsh texture so is smooth on your hair.

That is it for this post, hope you enjoyed it and have been inspired to take better care of your hair! Bye my lovelies!

Love Jade :)x


June Favourites!

Hello everyone! Now as you all know it is now the beginning of July where has this year gone which means I have a few products that I used loads in June that have become favourites and I thought I would share those items with you guys! So I’m going to get straight in to it.

So first of I have nail varnishes I used quite a few religiously this month after I had my shellac taken of and well I love these colours so much.

Nail Varnishes

Nail Varnishes

The first two are from Models Own and its just this Neon orange colour called Beach Party and a Neon pink which is called Pink Punch. I love the names of the Models Own nail varnishes I think they’re super cute I have my eye on one at the moment called Mermaid Tears how cute!

Beach Party and Pink Punch.

Beach Party and Pink Punch.

Next is these two from Asda which I love mostly because they are so super cheap, so how could I possibly say no?! The first is a bright pink called Groove but I prefer to call it Barbie because it just looks like a very Barbie colour to me, I also have it on my nails in all these pictures. Then the next one is a Matte top coat which I have been searching for since forever! The normal £7 price tag scares me so much! So I saw this for £1.99 and well I couldn’t say no! It isn’t the greatest but for the price I really can’t grumble!

Grove and Matte top coat.

Groove and Matte top coat.

Now finally for nail varnishes is this Maybellines colour show in Rain Forest Canopy which looks so good on! I love it and I adore the name. It’s also pretty affordable at around£3. I think I’m going to have to purchase the pink version to. It has little speckles in which are surprisingly easy to apply.

Rain Forest Canopy.

Rain Forest Canopy.

Now for my face products. The first is a moisturiser from Clean&Clear. I LOVE this product because as It says its shine control and I have an awfully shiny face and this controls it so amazingly and I’m pretty sure I found this in the 99p store which is an absolute bargain!

Clean&Clear Shine Control Moisturiser

Clean&Clear shine control moisturiser

Next is this as you can see well loved concealer palette. This has been my favourite product since Christmas when I got it. My little sister brought this for me of eBay for around £3 which is absolutely amazing! Now the good weather is finally here I especially love it because its so lightweight and I prefer it to heavy foundations.

Concealer palette packaging

Concealer palette packaging

The concealers

The concealers

On the same note I have this eyeshadow palette which was also around the £3-4 mark which is obviously the best deal ever as there are loads and loads of different colours and its just so pretty! The packaging for both of these products gets filthy super quick though as you can probably see from my pictures and also when they were delivered a few of the colours smashed but I can live with that.

Eyeshadow palette packaging

Eyeshadow palette packaging

All the beautiful colours

All the beautiful colours

This is my eyebrow pencil I’ve been using as I find filling them on with eyeshadow like I usually do doesn’t work in the summer as it just smudges so I’ve been using this and its amazing!

Avon's glimmerstick brow definer in dark brown.

Avon’s glimmerstick brow definer in dark brown.

The applicator

The applicator

I also have been using this mascara during the hotter weather, its a brown mascara which I feel is a lot lighter on my eyes to black mascara. I have also ditched eyeliner because I have been far to lazy to apply it recently and its so heavy on my eyes when its so hot out.

Maybellines defina-a-lash mascara in brown

Maybellines defina-a-lash mascara in brown

The wand

The wand

Now to my hair products which are both dry shampoos the first from VO5 which is amazing I’ve always loved the smell of their shampoos so the dry shampoo is just beautiful and then the Batiste dry shampoo which is the cherry one and I can honestly tell you this is the most beautiful smelling dry shampoo ever!

VO5 and Batiste dry shampoo's

VO5 and Batiste dry shampoo’s

Last but 100% not least is my favourite product at the moment out of all of these. It’s the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub. This smells lush, looks lush and I bet it would probably taste lush if it was edible of course! I seriously love this and Ii have become obsessed with it! I can’t stop smelling myself once I’ve used it. I seriously recommend this even though it is on the slightly pricey side at £8.

Soap & Glory's sugar crush body scrub

Soap & Glory’s sugar crush body scrub

Look how absolutely scrummy it looks!

Look how absolutely scrummy it looks!

That is it for my June favourites I hope you enjoyed this! If you wish to know where I got these products from just let me know and i’ll happily tell you! Thanks for reading!

Much love Jade x

Maybelline: Fit Me Foundation Review

Hello! I know this past is long overdue! All I can do about that is apologies, I am so sorry about how dreadful I’ve been at updating 6 months is a very long time and I’m very aware at that but I’ve had an extremely busy few months with my exams but now I have finished school so I can finally focus on keeping up to date! So as you may have seen in the title of this post I’m going to be review Maybelline’s  Fit Me Foundation in the shade 120: Classic Ivory.


Maybelline's fit me foundation in the shade 120: Classic Ivory

Maybelline’s fit me foundation in the shade 120: Classic Ivory


120: Classic Ivory

120: Classic Ivory

Now I had been eyeing this product up since it came out and I went on holiday to Weymouth a couple weeks ago and whilst I was in boots I thought ‘Meh I’m on holiday might as well treat myself’ there was also a 3 for 2 deal on so I brought this foundation, the concealer and the powder. This product has a ‘colour for everyone’ and I was super super excited to try this out but I hate to say this I was extremely disappointed, I did spend ages trying to find my perfect colour and at I did endless swatches on my skin and came to the conclusion that ‘Classic Ivory’ was my shade not just because it looked right but because two of my other foundations were also called classic ivory. When I came home and applied it to my face at first I was really impressed because a little bit really does go a long way but then after I applied and saw the colour It was very orange on me which broke my heart because I was so excited for this product.

The colour

The colour


This is the foundation on my skin.

This is the foundation on my skin.

My favourite thing about this product is the pump dispenser cause all off my other foundations are ones you have to pour out which is a massive pain in the bum cause I always pour out to much and end up wasting loads which really sucks!

I blooming love the pump on this foundation!

I blooming love the pump on this foundation!

That is it for this post I would promise to update more often but I don’t want to promise anything when I am the worst at keep up with something! Have any of you tried this product? What are your thoughts? Also I am on the hunt for a new foundation if any of you can recommend one to me that is affordable then that would be appreciated loads! Thanks for reading, Have a good day!


Love Jade! xo

Christmas part 2: Makeup and hair.

Hello my lovelies! I have delayed and delayed and delayed this post for ages because I wanted to go out and buy a few last little things to show you and now I have brought these little things I can’t wait to show you!

Firstly i’m going to show you all the lipsticks I got;

1. Avon colourtrend (old series) this colour is called winter wine and I absolutely love it, it very ‘christmasey’ so I wore it until the end of the festive season now its sort of run its course, so i’m at a bit of a loss of when to wear it but i’m hoping to wack it out the cupboard at some point in the future.


2. Next is another colourtrend (old series) called vino disco. Now this colour is a slight let down for me it doesn’t apply well and makes my lips look very ‘duckish’ well this whole post is using very good english!

3. Next is a range that I’m not completely sure where it’s from but if anyone knows pretty pretty please tell me because the one that is on the right is my new absolute favorite lipstick! So unfortunately I can’t really tell you much about these lipsticks apart from they are quite hard to apply but are so worth it as the colour lasts forever and looks so lovely!

4. Next is another avon colourtrend lipstick and this is in their new range so is available now. It is in the colour poppy love and is a medium red it isn’t to ‘vampy’ and isn’t to bright. It doesn’t last as long as I wish it would and it drys your lips out eventually but if you don’t mind that and you’re more into the colour then its worth the cheap price tag.

5. Next is a Rimmel lipstick which is called be bold, I unfortunately can’t tell you what the wear is like because I haven’t actually tried it myself but the colour is very pretty and i’m sure it’ll look lovely on!

6. Now my next two purchases are ones that I picked up recently from a market in Southampton and they’re both W7 products the first is this one called raspberry ripple which I honestly don’t like very much it’s very glittery and shiny which doesn’t make my oily skin look very nice.

7. The second one is called darling and it is a matte lipstick which I adore it looks amazing on and lasts for absolute ages so it is fast approaching my other new favourite.

Now I am going to show you all my other products.

1. 2true eyebrow pencil which is absolutely brilliant and makes my eyebrows look very ‘shaped’ which is obviously what it’s supposed to do.

2. Next is my favourite brand’s NYC (New York Colour) High definition liquid eyeliner which is meant to be like a felt tip pen which I thought when I brought it would be excellent but in all honesty it isn’t all that great.


3. Now is my avon supershock max mascara and it has a very thin, plastic wand and applies evenly and makes my eyes look super bold.


4. This is avon’s colourtrend shine on eyes, eyeshadow. Now i’m not an eyeshadowy person at all it doesn’t suit me at all but i’m hoping I might be able to pull it out at a party in the future.


5. Next is Maybellines defina-a-lash mascara in brown I don’t actually use this for my eyelashes as I don’t like brown mascara so I use it on my eyebrows and it works it shapes them pretty well.


6. I have no idea which brand this is but i’m really hoping to find out because this anti-feather colour lock is amazing and seals my lipstick so well. When this runs out I will definitely re-purchase.


7. I also got this from the market and it’s W7’s photo shoot foundation. I have tried this a couple of times and it works very well it lasts for a very long time but does make my face look very shiny.


8. I got this from my local tesco, this is a new brand called ‘Along Came Betty’ which is just another wannabe soap & glory brand. This is their skin tone corrector which actually does what it is supposed to do- correct my skin tone. I love it and the pump applier is a-mazing!


9. Now I will show you my skin treatments which are both from avon one is an emergency spot treatment which honestly isn’t that great and one is a blackhead clearing mask which is actually pretty good.


10. Last but not least are my argan oils one from avon and one from I have no idea where. They’re both absolutely brilliant. I use them on alternate days so I guess I don’t really know if they’re both good or not but they’ve made my hair feel nourished and soft and looking repaired.


So that is the end of my Christmas posts. I know they took forever to be posted and all I can do is apologize. Thank you for reading and Ii hope your festive season was just as amazing as mine. Also look out as eventually I will write a review on some of these products. Once again thank you for reading much love Jade:)x

Christmas part 1; nails.

Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s Christmases were absolutely smashing and that you got everything you wanted. So it’s safe to say I got a fair bit of make up and nail stuff for Christmas so I’m going to share everything I got with you but because the post would be stupidly long if I included everything I’m going to make it in to two posts the second part to go up on Sunday hopefully. I will try and post all the links to the nail varnishes I got but the nail wraps will be tricky.

I got a massive technic nail varnish box which included a fair few varnishes.



The box set actually no longer exists on boots website so here is the link to some of their lovely nail varnishes.

Next I got some Barry m nail varnishes

Left to right: unknown, gelly effects in watermelon, pink silver glitter, amethyst glitter, unknown as it was on special offer.

Next is w7 blue diamond and chit chats copper glitter which as far as I know can only be found in poundland.


Next is my models own nail varnishes now I brought the Orange beach party because my absolute favourite YouTube zoella raves about it! Now the purply/silver one I have on now and it’s really pretty called mystic mauve.


Now that's the end of my nail varnishes now it's on to my nail wraps. These four came in a set of very but unfortunately I can't find the link but they're lovely.





These are my good old poundland ones.




These also came in a pack of three with a glass nail file of very I think




Primark nail wraps are forever my go to because they always have different cute ones and these are the ones I got for Christmas.




That is finally it for Christmas part one! Once again hope you had a merry Christmas much love Jade :)x

p.s I am incredibly sorry for the totally crappy photo quality!

Ombré nail art tutorial!

Hello der! So I’ve been sat here for the past couple hours writing up loads of draft posts so I don’t miss a Sunday again, and here is this Sundays one how to do ombré nails!

20121207-115551 AM.jpg
I am perfectly aware that these are probably the crappiest nails you’ve ever seen but its not about how they look its about how to do it yourself! hopefully a lot better than mine!

1. So firstly you start of like always applying a base coat:

20121207-115723 AM.jpg

2. Dampen a thick make up sponge

20121207-115824 AM.jpg

3. Choose 2 or 3 of your preferred nail varnish colours, you can co-ordinate or class either way will work! Line them up on one another on the sponge like this:

20121207-120024 PM.jpg

4. Then press the colours on your nail, you should press the colour on at least 3 times to strengthen the colour.

5. Keep reapplying the nail varnish to the sponge and carry on doing each nail.

6. Now your nails will probably look incredibly messy like this:

20121207-120230 PM.jpg so with a cotton bid and nail varnish remover:

20121207-120216 PM.jpg just take all the not needed stuff of!

7. Then apply a top coat to stop the design from chipping to fast then VOILA!

Here it is finished again:

20121207-120601 PM.jpg
I hope yours turn out x100000 better than mine! Until next week bye! Much love Jade:)x

Miss Sporty Lipstick Review

Hello! Let me start of with an absolutely massive apology, I know I’m three days late with this post but I’ve had a really tough past few days but better late then never right?! So I’m going to review this lipstick:

20121205-093935 AM.jpg
It’s miss sporty’s lipstick in the colour bubble gum.

First thing I have to say about this is it smells and tastes like watermelon!! I love that so much!! If you don’t like watermelon then I was definitely recommend you didn’t buy any miss sporty lipstick.

It’s is very pink based as you can hopefully tell in these picture:

20121205-094138 AM.jpg

20121205-094152 AM.jpg

20121205-094159 AM.jpg
The packaging I think is very sleek just plain black and simple which I strangely love.

Now on to the actual wear, well it doesn’t have the most incredible lasting power that might just be because I lick it of all the time cause I love the taste.. oops! I find myself applying it a few times throughout the day but apart from that it looks absolutely gorgeous on and smells and tastes amazing so if it lasted just a little longer It could qualify as my favourite lipstick.

All in all its about four stars out of five and I will definitely be buying it again!

Well that’s it for this late post which I’m so sorry about again! Have you tried a miss sporty lipstick before? Which one was it? Did you love the smell and taste as much as I do?! Much love Jade:)x

NYC: Smooth skin; Loose Face Powder

Hello! So I’m sat writing to you as I apply my brand new nail wraps which are stunning! but I have noticed I keep going on about nails in posts so I thought I’d mix it up and review this:

20121124-031326 PM.jpg
New York Colour
otherwise known as NYC smooth skin loose face powder in the colour translucent.

I love this powder so so so much! I brought it because I heard my friend going on about it and at just £2.99 I couldn’t really complain! So I picked it up and tried it. It is very fine and easy to apply

20121124-031544 PM.jpg
It just perfectly applies and makes my face look so soft! I apply it last after my foundation and concealer as it really seals my make up and makes my face look really matte which is essential for me as I have very oily skin. It last for a very long time and is just my must have.

The only con I have about this is that it’s very hard to travel with, as its a lose powder this is how it comes out

20121124-031856 PM.jpg
So when I’m on the move it tends to get everywhere and that obviously isn’t great, but apart from that I completely LOVE this product and I do highly recommend it to everyone!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend and had a lovely week much love Jade :)x

Busy week calls for pretty nails!

Bonjour! Well hello everyone! How has your week been? Well let’s kick of with me telling you all about my busy week; on Wednesday night me and my friend hoped on a train to Southampton and went to meet three youtubers that I adore! Sam Pepper, Food for Louis also known as Fun for Louis and Mazzi Maz the guy with the white chin.

20121117-155944.jpg it was a pretty mental night!

Then on Friday I went to nandos to celebrate a good friend of mines birthday this is me and my friend being very vein taking pictures of ourselves in the toilets:


Then last night I went to a party! And that was a-ma-zing!

Now to get on to why you’re here to read about my pretty nails which look like this:

20121117-160157.jpg they’re just beautiful and look so ‘vintage’ I love them so much! They’re £1 from primark like my last ones were.
I’ve tried many nail wraps before from Claire’s which were around the £5 margin and yeah they were ok but these pound ones from primark completely outshine them, they may not be the best quality but they’re amazing and are so so so pretty! I’ve picked up a large range of different wraps and I will show you them one by one in the future.

Well that’s it for me this weekend hope you have an amazing week much love jade:)x

NYC lipstick review.

Hello everybody!:)
So here is my weekly post and this week it’s about a certain lipstick I brought a couple weeks ago which I now adore!. Here is the lipstick


please excuse my incredibly chipped nails!
So as you can see the colour is called ‘Red Flame’ but to me it’s more of a dark pink then a red.

The price was only £1.99 bargain!
The packaging is very ‘cheap’ which is probably because it was cheap I don’t like the clear lid and how far it sits up in the stick.
Although that is my only complaint this colour is so gorgeous and I think really anyone could pull this colour off!
Here it is swatched:

It’s very pigmented and last’s for absolute ever! I use this as my go to pretty much everyday as when I get home after a long day there is still a hint of colour there!

So that is it for this week hope you all had an amazing week and that next week is just a good! Much love Jade:)x